Tipo de imagen

  • #177014348 Boy flying magical kite silhouette art
  • #303507402 Strange fine art concept. The body of a woman, her head is a red rose.
  • #281246706 isolated monochrome rose blossom macro,black background, bright fine art still life image of a single bloom with detailed texture
  • #119885867 Rivières Norvège Bateau HDR Rauma Nature
  • #281501504 Close-up Photo Of Violin, Musical Notes and Christmas decoration
  • #269642707 nude portrait of Asian model on wooden floor
  • #307150047 Aged man in clown costume kissing wife outdoors stock photo
  • #295459812 Beautiful girl playing A harp in a concert hall during a concert of classical music
  • #169790490 Water surface with colorful reflections
  • #224571285 Fotografia di nudo artistico fotografico di silhouette di donna sexy adulto con arte schiena piegata
  • #263813147 fine art nude photography of Asian female in dark tone
  • #277670346 Strange fine art concept. The body of a woman, her head is a rose.
  • #63368054 Horror scene of a scary woman
  • #119233910 Colorful abstract composition with crepe, lights and shadows
  • #196815498 An old shipwreck or abandoned shipwreck.
  • #111921527 black and white photo of the girl in a field freedom
  • #273386150 Black and white double exposure combined photographs with the Asian young woman wearing retro sunglasses and mountains.
  • #235915345 aerial view of biker silhouette - street scene - contrast black and white Nantes, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 2018
  • #140211793 Sexy body nude woman. Naked sensual beautiful girl. Artistic black and white photo.
  • #311337938 A banana taped to the white wall.
  • #178104937 Black and White fine art lake with fog
  • #91921393 Sexy body nude woman. Naked sensual beautiful girl.
  • #301071037 View of a pier on a lake, with a ray of sun against a moody sky
  • #167251801 Pigeon in the Alley
  • #312359046 Long exposure photo of boulders in lake with dramatic sky.
  • #49866709 reportage
  • #140211784 Sexy body nude woman. Naked sensual beautiful girl. Artistic black and white photo.
  • #285244955 Weg an der Nordseeküste bei Nebel, Insel Amrum
  • #312165678 old tree on the beach
  • #289988687 Studio shot of colored ink in water isolated on black background
  • #145395044 glamour woman with sexy beautiful body
  • #181337847 Bodypainting. Woman painted with ethnic patterns
  • #281353665 Sad angel sculpture with open long wings across the frame against a bright white sky. The sad expression sculpture with eyes down and hand in front of chest. Black and white BW photography.
  • #298798771 Table with brushes and tools in an art workshop. Background.
  • #286289461 Street pavement and concrete block artistic black and white photography
  • #288942775 Abstract Soap bubble macro photo with black background look like planet
  • #310818017 Photo of musician playng on six string fretless bass guitar on the street in front of people.
  • #140405644 Artistic photo of a blond girl in a transparent black dress walking on the rocks in the field a cloudy day. The aesthetic is sinister and a little dark.
  • #138635640 Mannequin head with creative collar
  • #317747599 wild wheat background with amazing gold color, romantic wild herbs with beautiful light, artistic country and bucolic view with wild golden nature
  • #299592591 Steel wool Firework - Fun with fire and burning steel
  • #244116744 Beautiful brunette girl in many pink and white peonies. Happy boho woman portrait with peony flowers, top view. Creative floral photo. Aroma scent concept. International Womens Day
  • #236287565 young beautiful black woman composite portrait
  • #303785232 Milky way over mountains at the end of a long road. Scenery and night photography concept..........
  • #270313652 nude portrait of Asian model in dark tone
  • #283350145 Moody faded ink drop in the water abstract grunge gray background
  • #39076557 Piano playing pianist concert. Classical music
  • #186511456 Female silhouette
  • #310903214 ceramics work
  • #312264946 Gouttes de Pluie sur l'eau & bokeh de Noël

More info

¿Cómo personalizar el fotomural para pared?

¿Qué imagen quieres?

Los fotomurales de pared permiten una personalización completa. Puedes tanto escoger un imagen tuya como cualquiera de las que te ofrecemos en nuestro banco de imágenes.

¿Tienes claras las medidas?

Puedes diseñar tu fotomural para pared como desees. A partir de los 30cm de alto y ancho, hasta los 5000cm.

Las características del material

Se trata de un vinilo fotomural polimérico con una gran calidad. Este material es rígido y está impreso con tecnología uvi; por lo que no necesita ser laminado.

¿Qué efecto buscas?

Los efectos que puedes aplicarle a tus fotomurales en pared personalizados son: 

Sin efecto.

Blanco y negro.



Flip horizontal.

Flip vertical.


Ventajas de los fotomurales de pared

Fácil instalación (110 micras). 

Permiten decorar grandes espacios.

Disimula las imperfecciones. Sus acabados en mate permiten que las imperfecciones en la pared se disimulen.

Gran capacidad de personalización. Puedes elegir cómo estructural tu fotomural, así como las fotos que quieres obtener en tu diseño.

¿Cómo colocar el fotomural pared?

Saber colocar el fotomural pared es realmente sencillo. Con tu pedido te entregamos todos lo que necesitas para colocar el adhesivo de la mejor manera, y así conseguir los mejores resultados.

Los fotomurales son una opción ideal para todo tipo de espacios: puedes colocarlo tanto en cualquier lugar de la casa como en tu negocio.