Tipo de imagen

  • #288201670 Vector flat style illustration of a young beautiful woman with laptop surrounded by tropical leaves
  • #228582901 Volunteering vector illustration. Team help charity and sharing hope.
  • #227975937 People working in open space office
  • #268964881 Smart city, landscape city centre with many building, airplane is flying in the sky and people walking, running in park.
  • #230964014 Group of young happy laughing people jumping with raised hands. Students. Vector flat cartoon illustration isolated on white background.
  • #192057609 Floral graphic design
  • #188231075 Portrait of a woman. The head of a girl. Avatar. Minimalist. Flat. Vector illustration
  • #285982046 Profile of a fashionable red-haired girl. Female face on the side. Bright avatar for a social network. Vector flat illustration
  • #207312615 Coworking space with creative people sitting at the table. Business team working together at the big desk using laptops. Flat design style vector illustration.
  • #298424664 紅白の梅と富士山 初日の出
  • #301621818 Seamless floral pattern with flowers, watercolor
  • #291396640 ねずみのイラスト 1
  • #295675731 Human brain creativity vs logic chaos and order a continuous line drawing concept, organised vs disorganised left and right brain hemispheres as a chaos theory metaphor, one line vector illustration
  • #282376396 Sad lonely Woman in depression with flying hair. Young unhappy girl sitting and hugging her knees. Depressed teenager. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style
  • #263622940 Japanese wave. Japanese big waves, raging ocean and vintage sea water vector illustration
  • #310207726 Decorative abstract horizontal banner with colorful doodles. Hand-drawn modern illustration
  • #230069633 Landscape background. Terrain. Asian vector illustration.
  • #284277404 Transparent watercolor rose. Seamless vertical border floral illustration. Isolated hand drawn arrangement with berries for wedding design, stationery card print
  • #208058286 City landscape with buildings, hills and trees
  • #188527710 Various people at park performing leisure outdoor activities - playing with ball, walking dog, doing yoga and sports exercise, painting, eating lunch, sunbathing. Cartoon colorful vector illustration.
  • #288281485 上を向く女性4人 セット ピンク
  • #295617356 Crying Man on White
  • #220768820 Exhibition visitors viewing modern abstract paintings at contemporary art gallery. People regarding creative artworks or exhibits in museum. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
  • #268637320 Jazz quartet. Musicians performing music on abstract floral background.
  • #286206457 Colorful tropic sunset view to palm trees forest silhouettes with calm ocean water reflection. Vector banner illustration
  • #297299540 Abstract Geometry Pattern Artwork
  • #298553821 Helix, vintage illustration.
  • #296137268 Several lamp idea ideas Bright Business Concept Vector bulb light education background.Big Bulbs Electric Energy Funny FAQ. Brilliant Lightbulb signs doodle brain.
  • #219029121 Vector illustration concept of testimonial, social media, networking, business communication, forum, product review. Creative flat design for web banner, marketing material, business presentation.
  • #141669980 Human brain - vintage illustration
  • #269689232 Modern Cycling Flat Line Art drawing, Vector Illustration.
  • #294359497 Continuous line, drawing of beauty woman face, fashion concept, woman beauty minimalist, vector illustration for t-shirt slogan design print graphics style. One line fashion illustration
  • #307078736 Group of cartoon thoughtful people. Problem solving and choice. Vector modern illustration.
  • #284805150 Giant hands holding tiny office workers. Concept of employee care, wellbeing at work or workplace, perks and benefits for personnel, support of professional growth. Flat cartoon vector illustration.
  • #278195188 Marathon runners flat vector illustration
  • #293829203 Volunteering charity movement modern abstract concept vector illustration
  • #283416681 Medical insurance -internship jobs -modern flat vector concept digital illustration - young medical specialists standing together, team of interns concept, medical office or laboratory
  • #238481665 Skilled nurse and elderly people getting around-the-clock nursing care. Nursing home, nursing residential care, physical therapy service concept. Bright vibrant violet vector isolated illustration
  • #275170280 Professional burnout syndrome. Exhausted sick tired male manager in office sad boring sitting with head down on laptop. Frustrated worker mental health problems. Vector long work day illustration
  • #268060900 ジョッキビールの乾杯シーンのシンプルなイラスト
  • #109403494 Sketch pig. Hand-drawn vector illustration
  • #205029060 Color mountains, waves, abstract shapes, modern background, vector design Illustration for you project
  • #216041522 Stylized silhouette of crowd of people, casual mixed group of young adults hanging out, chatting or drinking gathered for nightlife event, simple minimal pop art style flat design vector illustration
  • #316834407 lovers holding hands looking at soldiers in the rainy night, digital art style, illustration painting
  • #296026569 Young man comforting her crying best friend. Depressed woman covering face with hands and her husband consoling and care about her. Help and support concept. Hand drawn style vector illustration
  • #232004035 富士山 初日の出 紅白の梅
  • #284811854 Watercolor Transparent floral set. Eucalyptus branch, leaves and berries isolated on white. Botanical illustration for wedding design
  • #313593143 戦国時代 合戦絵巻 背景イラスト
  • #297746836 Ocean or sea beach nature landscape with fluffy clouds flying in sky and rocks sticking up from sand in coastline. Morning or day time summer tranquil seascape background, Cartoon vector illustration
  • #252839005 Profile of a young woman. Avatar of a redhead girl with a fashionable hairstyle. Portrait. Vector flat illustration

More info

Tu foto en un lienzo lucirá como una obra de arte gracias a las tintas ecosolventes y la alta resolución que ofrecemos en nuestro productos

Los lienzos de fotos son un formato elegante que permite acabados profesionales para las imágenes que más te gusten, y que podrás colocar en cualquier pared de tu casa. 

Si lo que te gustan son las imágenes sobre tela, esta es tu opción. El foto lienzo cuenta tela montada sobre un marco de madera.

Cómo personalizar tu foto lienzo

Selecciona tu imagen

Para crear tu foto lienzo personalizado puedes tanto escoger una imagen propia, como elegir una de imagen de nuestro banco.

Escoge el tamaño

Los tamaños de las fotos en lienzo personalizadas de Rotulatumismo van desde 20 x 30 cm hasta 160 x 120 cm.

Características del material

El foto lienzo se imprime en tela canvas de alta calidad, imitando así la tela de los lienzos artísticos.

El montaje en bastidor es de 35mm de ancho con una alta resolución.

Qué forma quieres

Los cuadros de lienzo están disponibles en varios formatos:

  • Normal.
  • Doble.
  • Triple.
  • Cuádruple.

Efecto del lienzo con foto

El lienzo con foto personalizada te ofrece varias opciones en cuanto a efectos:

  • Sin efecto.
  • Blanco y negro.
  • Sepia.
  • Frío.
  • Flip horizontal.
  • Flip vertical.
  • Rotar.

Ventajas de las fotos en lienzo personalizadas

  • Nitidez.
  • Montaje a mano. 
  • Variedad de colores.
  • Protección UV libre de disolventes.
  • Adaptable a cualquier forma.

¿Cómo colgar el foto lienzo?

Colgar tus cuadros con lienzo es realmente fácil. Simplemente necesitarás acoplar los colgadores del lienzo y clavarlo sobre la pared de tu casa deseada. 

¡Consigue tu foto lienzo barato en Rotulatumismo!

Lienzo impreso con tu foto con bastidor de 3.5 cm. ¿Quieres hacer un regalo a una persona especial? ¿Quieres decorar un rincón de tu casa con un momento importante? Nosotros te ofrecemos poder hacerlo con nuestros foto lienzos de alta calidad por un precio muy económico. En nuestro taller los foto lienzos se imprimen con tintas ecosolventes y de una alta resolución. 

No lo dude más y compre con nosotros su foto lienzo

Cómo hacer un foto lienzo personalizado

Lienzos impresos con tu foto para colgar en la pared. 

1-Escoge tu foto

2-Súbela a nuestra web

3-recibe en 5 días laborables tu lienzo en casa. 

Fabricación española con bastidores de madera y tintas de alta calidad resistentes al sol. Nuestras tintas son tintas de exterior, por lo que si está cerca de una ventana, las tintas aguantarán hasta 3 años con exposición directa a los rayos UV.