Tipo de imagen

  • #335212874 Abstract Hall Background. Minimal Architecture Design
  • #311463197 Trendy simple fluid color gradient abstract background with dynamic wave line effect. Vector Illustration For Wallpaper, Banner, Background, Card, Book Illustration, landing page
  • #306781399 Abstract striped surface, black and white original 3d rendering
  • #281626109 Wide panorama 3D Landscape Paper Cut style, Curved shapes with gradients, abstract geometric lines pattern background art illustration for cover design, book , poster, cd cover, flyer, advertising.
  • #315924231 Hexagonal abstract metal background with light
  • #320377956 Blank vertical poster frame mock up standing on white floor next to white wall. Clipping path around poster. 3d illustration
  • #338389344 white abstract modern background design. use for poster, template on web, backgrop.
  • #298662812 3D abstract background with paper cut shapes. Vector design layout for business presentations, flyers, posters and invitations. Blue carving art
  • #309000748 Vector illustration set of moon phases. Different stages of moonlight activity in vintage engraving style. Zodiac Signs
  • #317059460 Trendy fluid cover design with plexus effect.
  • #327483337 3d Triangles, abstract background. Design wallpaper.
  • #315948747 Mock up frame in home interior background, white room with natural wooden furniture, Scandi-Boho style, 3d render
  • #339454288 Cyborg girl walks on metal bridge to cryo chamber in empty space with view of the night city. Old scratched metal white orange spaceship hovering in the air. Assault fighter, gunship. 3d illustration.
  • #311205883 Abstract grey white waves and lines pattern. Futuristic template background.
  • #315537778 White abstract background in paper cut style. Vector design banner.
  • #58319339 Colourful Light
  • #328883976 Blank white gradient background with product display. White backdrop or empty studio with room floor. 3D rendering.
  • #303511577 Blank wall in bright office mockup with large windows and sun passing through 3D rendering
  • #340787786 Wall mockup in scandinavian interior. Interior wall mockup. Wall art. 3d rendering, 3d illustration
  • #70724536 Abstract white 3d interior with polygonal pattern on the wall
  • #332621786 Abstract Wave Background. Minimal White Geometric Wallpaper
  • #314841339 Square shapes composition geometric abstract background. 3D shadow effects and fluid gradients. Modern overlapping forms
  • #330717537 Gorizontal White paper startup rocket concept vector illustration. Can be used for web design and workflow layout. With a lot of clouds. Blue sky. Abstract 3D background.
  • #317314894 Colorful Gerbera Daisy flower border frame vector decoration template
  • #305366782 The stylized height of the topographic contour in lines. The concept of a conditional geography scheme and the terrain path. Black & White. Ultra wide size. Vector illustration.
  • #305675782 3d-illustration of interior with antique statues Discobolus, Venus, Mercury
  • #287608629 Science conference. Background with optical illusion. Can be used for online courses, master class, seminar, presentation, webinar or lecture. Vector illustration.
  • #340484264 Black empty room with one spotlight. Dark studio can used for background and display brand or product. Black edition. Vector 3d illustration
  • #316887586 3d text bold fresh pink and cyan wavy style text effect, editable text
  • #307137495 Abstract sphere background with plexus effect. 3D surface.
  • #324881665 Modern concept architecture vector illustration
  • #343634281 Mockup frame in farmhouse living room interior, 3d render
  • #321029108 Brunette woman with a laptop sitting on a sofa late at night. Abstract concept art lazy sedentary lifestyle of a young freelancer working from home with cat, plants. 3d illustration on blue background
  • #296268199 Abstract mock up scene pastel color. geometry shape podium background for product. 3d rendering
  • #336174361 Abstract background - modern concept of blue grey paper art style, vector banner.
  • #319352447 Abstract Blue Polygonal Space Background with Connecting Dots and Lines. Geometric Polygonal background molecule and communication. Concept of science, chemistry, biology, medicine, technology.
  • #297146649 Futuristic white hexagon background. Futuristic honeycomb concept. Wave of particles. 3D rendering.
  • #315776353 Group of people in a collage
  • #329033794 Vector hero font 3d bold colorful style modern typography for poster, event decoration, motion, video, game, t shirt, book, banner, printing. Cool typeface. Trendy alphabet. 10 eps
  • #70723928 Abstract dark concrete 3d interior with polygonal pattern on the
  • #335213004 Abstract Architecture Background. Minimal Graphic Design. White Geometric Wallpaper
  • #162949610 3d rendering of several sized reflected spheres inside a white studio
  • #327709837 Black Paper cut 3d realistic layered sphere. Concept design element for presentations, web pages, posters and flyers. Vector illustrartion
  • #309900984 Project of a contemporary art & exibition gallery - panoramic 3d visualization
  • #273579845 Isometric 3d font design, three-dimensional alphabet letters and numbers
  • #301869761 Hexagonal dark blue navy background texture placeholder, radial center space, 3d illustration, 3d rendering backdrop
  • #325072119 Flowers watercolor illustration.Manual composition.Big Set watercolor elements.
  • #309340637 Blank bright gallery template on white wall texture in room. 3d render interior. Empty clean picture on grey concrete background for mockup poster, exhibition, banner and advertising. Modern design.
  • #321240859 mock up poster frame in modern interior background, living room, Scandinavian style, 3D render, 3D illustration
  • #193248159 Set of minimal template in paper cut style design for branding, advertising with abstract shapes. Modern background for covers, invitations, posters, banners, flyers, placards. Vector illustration.

More info

Con un cuadro Forex (PVC espumado), obtendrás la imagen que desees con un soporte sin marco, directo para colgarlo donde quieras. Están preparados para ser fotos de PVC para paredes. 

Las fotos de PVC personalizado cuentan con un aspecto mate y sedoso que impide que se produzcan reflejos incómodos.  

Las aplicaciones de estos cuadros Forex son numerosos: desde cartelería para exteriores, escaparates, stands, señalización, uso personal… y un sinfín de aplicaciones más. 

Cómo personalizar tus fotos de PVC

Conseguir tu cuadro de PVC en nuestra web es muy sencillo: 

Elige tu foto

A la hora de conseguir tu cuadro personalizado de PVC, lo primero es elegir la imagen. Puedes tanto escoger una foto propia, como escoger una de nuestro banco de imágenes. 

Escoge el formato

Las opciones para escoger tu cuadro Forex aquí son amplias. Los tamaños van desde 50x50cm hasta 100x100cm.

Qué espesor quieres

El los cuadros de PVC las opciones disponibles son 3mm, 5mm y 10mm.

El efecto de la foto Forex

Aquí podrás elegir entre: 

  • Ningún efecto. 
  • Blanco y negro.
  • Sepia. 
  • Frío.
  • Flip horizontal.
  • Flip vertical.
  • Rotar.

Ventajas de las fotos en Forex

Al escoger cuadros personalizados en Forex conseguirás:

  • Gran resolución. 
  • Bajo coste.
  • Material duradero.
  • Tintas de impresión fotográfica UVI???. Resistente a la abrasión.
  • No es sensible a la humedad. Pueden colocarse en exteriores protegidos. 
  • Fácil de colgar y manipular.
  • No se deforma. 

¿Cómo colgar un cuadro Forex?

Colgar un cuadro Forex es realmente sencillo. Una vez tengas tu foto de PVC personalizada elige el espacio en el que lo quieres colocar.

Gracias a su sistema de colgado podrás colgar un cuadro Forex de forma inmediata en cualquier pared. 

¡Consigue tus fotos en PVC personalizadas con Rotulatumismo!