Tipo de imagen

  • #320413251 Big set icons: business, shopping, device, technology, medical, ecology, food & drink and many more for any cases of life using – vector
  • #319079897 Set of light colorful vector watercolor vertical backgrounds for poster, banner or flyer
  • #319060259 Virus mask Asian woman travel wearing face protection in prevention for coronavirus in China. Lady walking in public space bus station or airport.
  • #319061110 Doctor wearing protection face mask against coronavirus. Banner panorama medical staff preventive gear.
  • #320688602 Greenhouse effect, climate change, sea level rise. Global warming effect. Ultraviolet radiation, food contamination, acid rain metaphors. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustrations.
  • #318710984 Pointer cursor сomputer mouse icon. Clicking cursor, pointing hand clicks icons. Click cursor - stock vector.
  • #318903457 Routes with red pins on a city map. Concept on the adventure, discovery, navigation, communication, logistics, geography, transport and travel topics.
  • #319143390 Happy family father of mother and child son on nature at sunset
  • #320414191 New coronavirus 2019-ncov. 3D medical illustration
  • #317584104 Novel coronavirus disease 2019-nCoV written on blue folder.
  • #318040587 Corona Virus im Inneren des Körpers - Wuhan Virus
  • #321334529 Realistic devices mockup set of Monitor, laptop, tablet, smartphone dark grey color - Stock Vector.
  • #318529914 Asian woman is wearing facial mask during virus epidemic
  • #320444228 Middle aged Asian man wearing glasses and medical face mask on public train, Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, air pollution and health concept
  • #320087635 Cars in a row. Used car sales
  • #317995220 elegant line style valentines day sale banner
  • #318040586 Corona Virus im Inneren des Körpers - Wuhan Virus
  • #317454828 Happy Valentine's Day greeting cards. Trendy abstract square art templates. Suitable for social media posts, mobile apps, banners design and web/internet ads. Vector fashion backgrounds.
  • #319718852 Corona Virus - Microbiology And Virology Concept - 3d Rendering
  • #320577925 Statue of Liberty in New York, USA. Blue sky panoramic background with copy space
  • #321175750 Mockup poster in dark violet monochrome modern living room interior background, 3D render
  • #320948634 Set of different 3D realistic, shiny, golden, holographic Easter eggs isolated on white background. Vector illustration
  • #320546992 Businessman using digital tablet isolated on background- template
  • #320435443 Hands holding bulb on blue background
  • #320477358 Hollywood Golden Oscar Academy award statue on silver background. Success and victory concept.
  • #319497976 young Asian woman wearing protection mask against Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) or Wuhan coronavirus at public train station,is a contagious virus that causes respiratory infection.Healthcare concept
  • #320262377 Business people silhouettes. Hi tech startup
  • #320069514 People working together with laptop and phone
  • #320492538 Two martial arts masters, karate practice. Sports banner
  • #319411506 Set of 2020 Carnival cards or banners with typography design. Vector illustration with retro light bulbs font, streamers, confetti and hanging flag garlands. Place for text
  • #320853464 Corona Virus - Scientist With Protective Mask And Gloves Holding Cell Colture Petri Dish
  • #321592737 the national flag of france
  • #320978263 Woman machinist working with wrench of a farm machine
  • #320523066 Mature man in office working with digital tablet
  • #318365739 Organic natural bio labels set icon, healthy foods badges, fresh eco vegetarian food – stock vector
  • #316850693 Valentine's Day background. Pink flowers, envelope, hearts on pastel pink background. Valentines day concept. Flat lay, top view, copy space
  • #320768393 Wave liquid style lines with shadows and light on gradient background
  • #319646365 Close-up of donuts (Berlin pancakes) dusted with powdered sugar served on a rustic wooden table
  • #320876995 man sport swimmer swimming isolated white background
  • #316358765 The adult and the child holding red heart.
  • #316567360 Red banner with valentines hearts. Valentines greeting banner. Horizontal holiday background, headers, posters, cards, website. Vector illustration
  • #316503409 Woman working and writing on the glass board in office. Business, technology, research concept
  • #317866454 Asian preschool girl walk with her mother to go to school
  • #318820919 Travel agency room interior. People sitting at the desk
  • #318372726 Coronavirus 2019-nCoV symptoms and prevention infographic
  • #321473321 Two playful siberian husky puppies lie with red heart
  • #320088903 Unfinished house on top of blueprints
  • #319121406 Businessman holding a DNA growing as a plant - 3d rendering
  • #321207455 Bundle set of vector colorful watercolor backgrounds for business card or flyer template
  • #319444228 Portrait of an attractive young african businesswoman smiling while standing by windows in office

More info

¿Cómo personalizar el fotomural para pared?

¿Qué imagen quieres?

Los fotomurales de pared permiten una personalización completa. Puedes tanto escoger un imagen tuya como cualquiera de las que te ofrecemos en nuestro banco de imágenes.

¿Tienes claras las medidas?

Puedes diseñar tu fotomural para pared como desees. A partir de los 30cm de alto y ancho, hasta los 5000cm.

Las características del material

Se trata de un vinilo fotomural polimérico con una gran calidad. Este material es rígido y está impreso con tecnología uvi; por lo que no necesita ser laminado.

¿Qué efecto buscas?

Los efectos que puedes aplicarle a tus fotomurales en pared personalizados son: 

Sin efecto.

Blanco y negro.



Flip horizontal.

Flip vertical.


Ventajas de los fotomurales de pared

Fácil instalación (110 micras). 

Permiten decorar grandes espacios.

Disimula las imperfecciones. Sus acabados en mate permiten que las imperfecciones en la pared se disimulen.

Gran capacidad de personalización. Puedes elegir cómo estructural tu fotomural, así como las fotos que quieres obtener en tu diseño.

¿Cómo colocar el fotomural pared?

Saber colocar el fotomural pared es realmente sencillo. Con tu pedido te entregamos todos lo que necesitas para colocar el adhesivo de la mejor manera, y así conseguir los mejores resultados.

Los fotomurales son una opción ideal para todo tipo de espacios: puedes colocarlo tanto en cualquier lugar de la casa como en tu negocio.